Regulation - LGIC

Collection and Analysis of Information Regulation

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Regulation - LGIC
Bill or Act:
Ministry of Revenue Act
Summary of Decision:
Analysis of Regulatory Impact:
This is a cost-neutral initiative with no financial or resource implications for the government from the proposed regulation.

There are no direct impacts or results arising from this new regulation on business or individuals. The regulation is being proposed so that the MOF can benefit from the legislative authority provided by the MORA.
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Summary of Proposal:
The new 'Underground Economy: Collection and Analysis of Information' Regulation will prescribe the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) as an 'administrative entity' as defined in s.1 of the Ministry of Revenue Act (MORA) and will enable MOF to obtain and use information from ESA under s.11.5.

MOF will use information obtained from the ESA, in combination with tax and other non-tax business information available to MOF to conduct policy, statistical and risk analyses in connection with the administration and enforcement of tax laws in relation to the Underground Economy (UE).
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Effective Date:
March 29, 2018