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Power-Assisted Bicycles (e-bikes) Motor Disengagement

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Regulation - Minister
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Highway Traffic Act
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The Ontario regulation 369/09 Power-Assisted Bicycles, made under the Highway Traffic Act, has been amended to allow for continued motor engagement when pedaling ceases, the accelerator is released or the brakes are applied replacing the previous motor disengagement requirement.
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Ontario's current Power-Assisted Bicycles regulation (O. Reg 369/09) includes an equipment requirement to disengage the motor when brakes are applied. The current requirement imposes a cost burden on manufacturers as it requires a "kill switch" to be installed in order to disengage the motor when brakes are applied. The "kill switch" can be a costly component. This definition is also problematic for newer technology e-bikes that may be equipped with regenerative braking (braking that recovers energy from slowing the vehicle, and returning it to the battery when brakes are applied). This change allows for continued motor engagement when braking is applied.
Contact Address:
Road Safety Policy Office
87 Sir William Hearst Avenue; Room 212,
Toronto, ON M3M 0B4
Effective Date:
December 6, 2018