Proposed Amendments to Ontario Regulation 413/05, Vehicle Weights and Dimensions - For Safe, Productive, Infrastructure-Friendly (SPIF) Vehicles.

Regulation Number(s):
Regulation 413/05
Instrument Type:
Bill or Act:
Highway Traffic Act
Summary of Proposal:
Ministry of Transportation is proposing to amend Regulation 413/05 to introduce the following allowances:

• The weight limits for wide base single tires at par weights to the dual tires that they replace;

• The loading of boats on stinger-steer auto carriers;

• The operation of long wheelbase tractors on designated tandem tractor semitrailer configurations currently not privy to such an allowance;

• Extend the overall length of designated saddlemount configurations;

• Use of smart lift
Further Information:
Proposal Number:
Posting Date:
May 2, 2019
Comments Due Date:
June 1, 2019
Contact Address:
125 Sir William Hearst Avenue, 3rd floor
Toronto, Ontario M3M 0B5