Proposed Amendment to Ontario Highway Traffic Act Regulation 340/94: DRIVERS' LICENCES

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Highway Traffic Act (HTA)
Summary of Proposal:
Currently in Ontario any driver wishing to operate a 3-wheeled motorcycle must complete the motorcycle Graduated Licencing System (GLS) to obtain a licence to operate a 3-wheeled motorcycle. The ministry is proposing the introduction of regulatory amendments that would enable individuals with a full Class G licence or higher (Class A, B, C, D, E, F) to pursue an alternative option to GLS to operate a 3-wheeled motorcycle. This option would allow drivers to enrol in an approved 1-day, 3-wheeled motorcycle safety course. Upon successful completion the driver would be eligible for a licence that permits them to operate a 3-wheeled motorcycle. As a part of this approach, all GLS waiting periods and associated driving restrictions are waived (Ex. M1 licence holders are only able to ride during daylight hours). Individuals who do not hold a full Class G licence or higher would need to complete the current motorcycle GLS process, additionally full Class G licence holders may still choose to complete the current GLS process. This proposal would align Ontario with the current 3-wheeled motorcycle licencing requirements in Quebec. To reference Quebec's current licencing requirements please visit the following webpage: Obtaining a Driver's Licence - 3-Wheel Motorcycles (Class 6E).

This proposal is in response to stakeholder requests from both industry and consumers. The ministry has identified no safety implications from this amendment, as the approved 3-wheeled motorcycle course is intended to prepare and evaluate drivers to ensure they have the skills/ability to safely operate these vehicles. The ministry is reducing red tape for consumers who have previously completed GLS while obtaining a full Class G licence. Drivers wishing to purchase and operate these vehicles may view the full GLS process as a barrier to purchasing a 3-wheeled motorcycle. Businesses are anticipated to see an increase in sales, maintenance, and tourism as a result of this regulatory change.

This proposal aligns with government priorities, by placing the needs of businesses and consumers first without compromising road safety. This initiative provides more options and opportunities for consumers by reducing barriers to purchasing and operating 3-wheeled motorcycles. Furthermore, this proposal represents a transformative effort which reduces red tape for business and embraces change.

This proposal will not have any direct compliance costs to businesses, course providers are not required to offer the course and dealerships are not required to sell 3-wheeled motorcycles. This proposed amendment is anticipated to increase 3-wheeled motorcycle sales in Ontario by eliminating a barrier identified by consumers and industry alike.

We invite you to submit comments on this proposal for MTO consideration.
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May 12, 2020
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May 26, 2020
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Ministry of Transportation
Road Safety Policy Office
Safety Policy and Education Branch
87 Sir William Hearst Avenue
Building "A", Room 212
Toronto, Ontario
M3M 0B4