Consumer Protection Act, 2002 Review Consultation Paper

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Consumer Protection Act, 2002
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Consumer Protection Act, 2002
Summary of Proposal:
The Ontario government is considering how to improve the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

The CPA is the law governing most retail transactions by consumers - from buying furniture in a store to shopping online to renovating your home.

The CPA's rules support a fair and competitive marketplace where consumers make their own choices without being subject to unfair business practices.

Whether it's an in-store sale, a written contract or an online purchase, the CPA sets out basic rules for retailers to follow and remedies for consumers if retailers don't follow the rules.

It has been over 15 years since the government has undertaken a full review of the CPA. The CPA needs updating to work better in the new marketplace. Updating it will enhance consumer protection and reduce burden for the retail community in general, while addressing specific problems more effectively than the current law.

The consultation paper explains proposals for a new CPA that would include:

Simpler and Stronger Contract Rules
1. Clearer, Consistent Rules for Consumer Contracts in General
2. Stronger Rules Protecting Against Unilateral Contract Changes
3. Controlling Price Changes in Contracts with Termination Costs

Improved Protection Against Unfair Practices
4. Clearer and Stronger Approach to Unfair Practices
5. Protecting Against Contract Breaking Offers

Better Rules for Specific Contracts
6. Addressing Concerns with Purchase Cost Plus Leases
7. Addressing Issues with Registration of Notices of Security Interests
8. Improving Timeshare Disclosure and Exit Rights

Strengthened Basic Consumer Rights
9. Protecting Consumers' Right to Review Business Performance
10. Prohibiting Contracts Misleading Consumers About Rights
11. Forbidding Dollar Limits on Implied Warranty Claims
12. Preserving Consumer Rights When Contracts Change Hands

Stronger and Clearer Rights to Remedies
13. Remedies for Unfair Practices During Ongoing Contracts
14. Enhanced Recovery if Consumers Forced to Sue for a Remedy
15. Continuing to Improve Ministry Enforcement Powers

We welcome your responses to consultation questions and any additional comments or suggestions you wish to offer. Please provide examples or evidence to support your suggestions where possible.

You may download this paper and submit your completed responses by email to or by mail to the address provided.
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December 1, 2020
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February 1, 2021
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CPA Consultation
Consumer Policy and Liaison Branch
Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
56 Wellesley Street West - 6th Floor,
Toronto, ON, M7A 1C1