College of Dietitians of Ontario

Regulation Number(s):
O. Reg. 72/12
O.Reg 593/94
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Bill or Act:
Dietetics Act, 1991
Summary of Decision:
The above mentioned regulation was filed with the Registrar of Regulations on May 4, 2012 as O. Reg. 72/12, and is expected to be published in the Ontario Gazette on May, 19, 2012.
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June 17, 2010
Summary of Proposal:
College Introduction

Under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA) and the Dietetics Act, 1991, the College of Dietitians of Ontario (CDO) is responsible for governing the self regulating profession of dietetics in Ontario.

Under these Acts, the CDO may make regulations on a variety of subject matter, including registration, subject to the prior review by the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care and the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Summary of Proposal

The College of Dietitians of Ontario (CDO) is proposing amendments to its registration regulation. In particular the College is proposing the following:
o Proposed Academic and Practical Training Requirements
o Clarify the roles of the Registration Committee and Council in relation to registration decisions such as approving programs and assessing the education and training requirements of individuals who apply for registration.
o Enable the use of a prior learning assessment to determine whether an applicant has achieved the same entry to practice competencies that would be attained by graduates of accredited dietetics programs.
o Permit Council to appoint third party assessors for prior learning, academic or practical training assessments.
o Changes required for Labour Mobility
o Amendments to allow for inter-provincial mobility as per the Ontario Labour Mobility Act, 2009 (OLMA).
o Criteria for assessing good character and good conduct
o Suspensions and Revocations
o Amendments to reduce the suspension period for non-payment of fees to 6 months, from 12 months, and to provide a mechanism for reinstatement in exceptional circumstances where a certificate that has been revoked.
o Changes to the Temporary Class
o Amendments to allow a member to extend their temporary certificate of registration if they fail the exam on the first attempt. The certificate would be extended to allow the member to write the exam a second time, provided the member is supervised by a general member.
o Creation of a Provisional Class
o A new class of membership that would permit applicants to practice only in areas of dietetics for which they have demonstrated competence. Provisional certificates of registration will be time limited, intended to enable some applicants to complete the academic and/or practical training for all core areas of dietetics to become eligible to write the registration examination.
o Additional Quality Assurance (QA) Requirements
o Introduce QA requirements for members who have not practiced more than 500 hours in the preceding year period.

The College is currently circulating the proposed registration regulation amendments to its members for feedback.
Contact Address:
Contact: Carolyn Lordon, RD, Registration Program Manager
Phone: 416-598-1725
Address: 5775 Yonge Street, Suite 1810, Box 30, Toronto ON M2M 4J1

Royal Assent Date:
May 4, 2012