Regulation - LGIC

Accreditation status of the laboratory under the Forensic Laboratories Act, 2018

Regulation Number(s):
REG2019.0579.e 8-EC
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Regulation - LGIC
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Summary of Proposal:
On March 8, 2018, the Forensic Laboratories Act, 2018 was passed to improve oversight of Ontario's forensic testing system. The Ministry of the Solicitor General (SolGen) is proposing one Lieutenant Governor in Council (LGIC) regulation and one Minister's regulation to implement the Forensic Laboratories Act, 2018. These regulations were developed through consultation with experts in a variety of different fields.
Once proclaimed into force, the Forensic Laboratories Act, 2018 and its supporting LGIC regulation and Minister's regulation will provide a legislative framework to strengthen accountability of forensic laboratories.

At this time, SolGen is requesting public and stakeholder input on a proposed new regulation related to the accreditation status of laboratories. This regulation will only apply to forensic laboratories conducting categories of tests prescribed by the accompanying Minister's regulation.

The LGIC regulation would require forensic laboratory operators who conduct prescribed categories of tests to provide the Solicitor General with information about the accreditation status of the laboratory, if requested.

For more detail, please see the attached draft regulation.

SolGen welcomes your comments and feedback.
Analysis of Regulatory Impact:
The Forensic Laboratories Act, 2018 and supporting regulations will impact service providers in the following sectors:
• Forensic Laboratories (e.g. unaccredited forensic laboratories and medical laboratories who perform forensic tests);
• Child Protection Sector (e.g., children's aid societies, including Indigenous societies);
• Accreditation bodies;
• Legal services;
• Law associations;
• Social workers;
• Youth Justice Services; and,
• Child and Youth Mental Health Lead Agencies.

There will not be any direct compliance costs to forensic laboratories with the regulation, as it does not establish a system of regular reporting and only requires forensic laboratories to provide a narrow set of information in relation to their accreditation status when asked by the Solicitor General. Laboratories will not need to incur any additional administrative costs to fulfill the requirements of this regulation.
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Posting Date:
November 29, 2021
Comments Due Date:
January 13, 2022
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Ministry of the Solicitor General
Strategic Policy, Research and Innovation Division
25 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, ON M7A 1Y6