Regulation - LGIC

Validation Fee Reduction: Mobile Crane Support Vehicles

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Regulation - LGIC
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Summary of Proposal:
MTO is proposing to provide relief to operators of mobile crane support vehicles with a 50% validation fee reduction.

• Mobile crane support vehicles are commercial motor vehicles that accompany mobile cranes to the job site and are used to transport dismantled crane components.
• This proposal is aligned with the government commitment to create an affordable, safe and reliable transportation network across the province - connecting people to jobs, making life easier and supporting a stro
Analysis of Regulatory Impact:
Validation fees for commercial motor vehicles vary by gross weight. It is anticipated that operators of mobile crane support vehicles will save an estimated $1,072.00 (30,000 KG) to $2,346.50 (63,500 KG) annually per support vehicle in validation fees.

It is estimated that the proposal will result in savings to operators of mobile crane support vehicles of approximately $8.7M over five years.

The desired outcome of this proposal is to help provide financial relief to operators of mobile cranes that use support vehicles to exclusively transport dismantled crane components. The change supports a group of stakeholders that are essential to Ontario's construction industry and continued economic growth.

• Annual savings are as follows:
o 2022-23: ($1.4M)
o 2023-24: ($1.8M)
o 2024-25: ($1.8M)
o 2025-26: ($1.8M)
o 2026-27: ($1.9M)
o 5-year savings: ($8.7M)
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February 17, 2022
Comments Due Date:
February 24, 2022
Contact Address:
Ministry of Transportation
Safety Program development Branch
Vehicle Program Development Office
145 Sir William Hearst Avenue
Room 147
Toronto, Ontario M3M 0B6