Regulation - LGIC

Proposal to return lands to the Greenbelt (Amendment to Greenbelt Boundary Regulation O. Reg. 59/05)

Regulation Number(s):
O. Reg. 59/05
Instrument Type:
Regulation - LGIC
Bill or Act:
Greenbelt Act, 2005
Summary of Proposal:
In December 2022, the government took bold action to address the housing supply crisis and build 1.5 million homes by 2031 by making changes to the Greenbelt. This action was in addition to a variety of other measures intended to tackle the housing supply crisis, including four housing supply action plans to date, and was intended to support our municipal partners in planning for responsible growth and to help build housing faster and in a targeted manner, while leading to an overall expansion of the Greenbelt.

To accommodate Ontario's expected growth and support the building of more homes, our government removed or redesignated 15 areas of land totaling approximately 7,400 acres from the edge of the Greenbelt Area (ERO Posting 019-6216: Proposed Amendments to the Greenbelt Plan) . At the same time, a portion of the Paris Galt Moraine was added to the Greenbelt, along with 13 Urban River Valleys (see ERO Posting 019-4485: Growing the size of the Greenbelt), totalling 9,400 acres, for an overall expansion of approximately 2000 acres.

The government was clear that owners of the lands removed from the Greenbelt would be expected to develop detailed plans to build housing and move forward with the project quickly. It is the government's expectation that significant progress on approvals and implementation be achieved by the end of 2023.

It has come to the government's attention that the discussions surrounding the development of the lands removed from the Greenbelt located at 765 and 775 Kingston Road East in the Town of Ajax were at an early stage, and that a 104-acre parcel within the lands was recently listed for sale.

These lands were removed from the Greenbelt as part of the 2022 Greenbelt Plan and Greenbelt Area boundary regulation amendments. The government is now seeking feedback on a proposal to return these lands, amounting to approximately 133 acres, to the Greenbelt Area through an amendment to the Greenbelt Area boundary regulation (O. Reg. 59/05) and an amendment to the Greenbelt Plan. The government is not seeking feedback on ideas for other Greenbelt removals or redesignations through this consultation.

While this ERO posting relates specifically to the proposed amendment to the Greenbelt Area boundary regulation, there is a related ERO posting regarding the proposed amendment to the Greenbelt Plan policies to add these lands back to the Greenbelt:
• ERO 019-7561

The Greenbelt Act, 2005 requires consultation with affected municipalities, public bodies and the public on any proposed Greenbelt Plan amendment.

If these lands are returned to the Greenbelt, the Greenbelt Act and Greenbelt Plan's Protected Countryside policies would apply.

The map available for this consultation is posted in supporting materials below and outlines the land in the Town of Ajax that the government is currently seeking feedback on returning to the Greenbelt.

For more information on the Greenbelt Plan policies, please refer to the Decision on proposed amendments to the Greenbelt Plan and the Greenbelt Plan.

Description of Regulation

O. Reg. 59/05 was made on February 25, 2005 and established the boundary of the Greenbelt Area pursuant to the Greenbelt Act, 2005.

The proposed regulation would return (i.e., add) the following areas to the Greenbelt Area as described in O. Reg. 59/05:

• Land located in the Town of Ajax at 765 and 775 Kingston Road East

The proposed regulation would be an amendment to O. Reg. 59/05. The final decision on the proposal would be made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.
Analysis of Regulatory Impact:
There is no anticipated regulatory impact resulting from this proposal. The proposed return of lands to the Greenbelt is consistent with government's objectives for the 2022 Greenbelt amendment and commitment to building 1.5 million homes over the next 10 years. The return of these lands will continue to effectively direct growth, optimize investments in infrastructure and support needed housing by allowing municipalities to focus resources on lands housing developments that are making more significant progress. Lands returned to the Greenbelt would be protected by the prohibitions and requirements of the Greenbelt Plan. There would be some additional burden placed on the lands proposed to be returned, though they were previously part of the Greenbelt and the proposal would result in the lands being subject to the same policies they were subject to prior to December 14, 2022. There are no direct administrative costs associated with this proposal.
Further Information:
Proposal Number:
Posting Date:
September 5, 2023
Comments Due Date:
October 20, 2023