Consultation related to proposed amendments to the Redeemer Reformed Christian College Act, 1998

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Redeemer Reformed Christian College Act, 1998
Summary of Proposal:
Redeemer University (Redeemer) is a private, religious post-secondary institution in Ontario that was established by a private Act of the legislature. Redeemer has requested amendments to its constituting Act to change the size and composition of its board and certain other related amendments. These amendments are being considered as part of Bill 185 Cutting Red Tape to Build More Homes Act, 2024.

The proposed amendments would:
• Reduce Redeemer's board size from 22-41 members to 11-15 members and board members would be selected by and consist of "supporting members", who are individuals that subscribe to the Statement of Basis and Principles of the institution and pay annual dues to the institution.
• Provide that the board may, by bylaw, set out further requirements with respect to the composition of the board provided that it's consistent with the Act.
• Amend other provisions of the Act that would have to be updated if the board composition is changed (e.g., clauses that reference the election of board members by the supporting members).
• Include transition provisions to facilitate the transition from the current board to the proposed new board size.
• Limit who receives the university's annual report to the supporting members of the university.
• Change the quorum requirements for meetings of the "supporting members", to provide that the board may, by bylaw, set the percentage of supporting members that would constitute a quorum at a meeting of the supporting members, rather than the fixed number currently specified in the Act
Analysis of Regulatory Impact:
Redeemer has requested these changes to help its board of governors operate more efficiently and obtain the skills/experience needed to govern effectively.

This proposal is not expected to introduce any other regulatory burden or costs for businesses.
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April 10, 2024
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May 10, 2024
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Ministry of Colleges and Universities
Postsecondary Education Programs Branch
315 Front Street West, 16th Floor
Toronto ON M7A 0B8