Regulation - LGIC

Automated Vehicle Permit (Licence Plate) Renewal - Regulation

Regulation Number(s):
O. Reg. 628
Instrument Type:
Regulation - LGIC
Bill or Act:
Highway Traffic Act
Summary of Proposal:
In 2022, licence plate validation stickers and renewal fees were eliminated for passenger vehicles, light-duty commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and mopeds, but vehicle owners were still required to renew permits on an annual or biennial basis at no cost. Building on this initiative and to make life easier for these vehicle owners, legislative amendments to the Highway Traffic Act were proposed in Bill 162, Get It Done Act, on February 20, 2024 to enable a new automated vehicle permit (licence plate) renewal process.

Amendments to Regulation 628 are now proposed that would operationalize the automatic renewal of eligible permits for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, and light-duty commercial vehicles, should Bill 162 receive Royal Assent.

The proposed regulation amendments would operationalize the program by:
• outlining eligible vehicle classes;
• governing requirements for a vehicle permit's renewal, validity period, and cancellation;
• outlining notification requirements to be provided to vehicle owners;
• permitting changes to the status, period of validation or expiry date of a vehicle permit.

The proposed automated vehicle permit renewal process would result in no action being required for vehicle owners in good standing (e.g., no compliance issues of invalid insurance, defaulted fines, or outstanding tolls). Vehicle owners that are not in compliance would be notified prior to and after expiry with instructions on the actions needed to return to compliance and enable renewal.
Analysis of Regulatory Impact:
There are no direct compliance costs associated with the proposed regulation.

The proposed regulatory amendments would not alter the current requirements for vehicle owners to validate their vehicle permit, and vehicles owned by regulated entities are out-of-scope at launch. However, significant time savings may be realized if vehicles owned by regulated entities are brought into the program. Based on preliminary ministry analysis, the supporting regulations, if approved, is expected to save approximately 260,000 businesses an estimated average annualized present value of $7.54 million in time saved.
Further Information:
Proposal Number:
Posting Date:
April 15, 2024
Comments Due Date:
May 15, 2024
Contact Address:
Transportation Policy Branch
Ministry of Transportation
438 University Avenue, 12th Floor
Toronto ON M7A 1Z8