Regulation - LGIC

Boundary Amendments for Five Conservation Reserves in Kirkland Lake District (Amendment #2007-29)

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Regulation - LGIC
Bill or Act:
Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act
Summary of Proposal:
The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) is proposing boundary revisions to the McGarry Township Forest Conservation Reserve (C1705), the South Grassy Lake Outwash Conservation Reserve (C1626) and the Whitefish and East Whitefish Lakes Sandy Till Upland Conservation Reserve (C1602) in the Kirkland Lake District.

These boundary revisions will replace lands that were previously selected for protection, but were unavailable to be regulated because they overlapped with pre-existing mining tenure. The proposed sites were chosen because they are approximately equal in size to the original lands, free of mining tenure and compliment the ecological integrity of the existing conservation reserves.

MNR is also proposing to drop a small forest reserve (F1602) within C1602 due to existing mining rights and its provincially significant geological area status. This drop will result in a land locked portion of the Englehart Management Unit General Use Area (G1815). The MNR is proposing a policy report alteration for C1602 that will allow for minimal access to the land locked portion of G1815 for resource extraction purposes.

Furthermore, the Whitefish River Sandy Till Forest Reserve (F1596) in its entirety and a portion of Hilliardton Marsh Forest Reserve (F1704) are proposed to be re-designated to Conservation Reserves (C1596a and C1704a). The remaining portion of F1704 will be re-designated as part of the Little Clay Belt General Use Area (G1841).

We are inviting the public to comment on the proposed boundaries, of the conservation reserve revisions and policy report changes before they are finalized for regulation under the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserve Act. In addition, and subject to the regulation of the conservation reserves and the revisions as single protected areas, MNR is proposing to amend the existing management direction (Statement of Conservation Interest) to reflect the boundary revisions and policy changes.

The proposal is being evaluated in accordance with a category ?A? project under the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves. MNR may proceed to implement the project without issuing a further general notice.

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Posting Date:
July 15, 2011
Comments Due Date:
August 29, 2011
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Kendrick Doll
Resource Management Planner
Ministry of Natural Resources
Regional Operations Division
Northeast Region
Kirkland Lake District
10 Government Road East
P.O. Box 910
Kirkland Lake Ontario
P2N 3K4
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