Regulation - Minister

Vintners Quality Alliance Act, 1999: Proposed Regulation Amendment -- Packaging

Regulation Number(s):
Ontario regulation 406/00
Instrument Type:
Regulation - Minister
Bill or Act:
Vintners Quality Alliance Act, 1999
Summary of Decision:
The regulation was filed with the Registrar of Regulations and took effect July 1, 2012.
Further Information:
Proposal Number:
Posting Date:
March 19, 2012
Summary of Proposal:
The amendment would expand packaging options for VQA wines beyond the current requirement that all VQA wines be packaged in glass bottles and closed with cork, synthetic cork, screwcap or crown cap closures only.
The amendment would allow non-glass packaging such as steel kegs, tetra-paks, bag-in-box and PET bottles for wines that bear the appellation 'Ontario'.
The amendment:
- would provide an opportunity for innovation in packaging within the VQA framework and add flexibility for wineries to compete in markets that may be better served with alternative packaging; and
- recognizes that premium wines of more specific origin should remain in traditional packaging that is more suitable for aging.
Contact Address:
Jordana Berke
Ministry of Consumer Services
Policy & Consumer Protection Services Division
5th Floor, 777 Bay Street
Toronto, ON
M7A 2J3
Effective Date:
July 1, 2012