Regulation - LGIC

Regulation 54 - Licence Fees

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Regulation - LGIC
Bill or Act:
Beef Cattle Marketing Act
Summary of Proposal:
The amendments will include:
1) Provide authority for the federal agency to fix, impose and collect a levy from sellers of cattle within Ontario of up to $1.00 per head of cattle. The authority would be limited so that the agency cannot impose a levy where, a) the seller is required to pay a levy in respect of the same transaction to the federal agency under the Farm Products Agencies Act (Canada), or b) where a livestock dealer is exempt from paying a licence fee because cattle are resold within seven business days of having been purchased by a dealer.
2) Require persons who receive cattle to deduct the federal levy and remit it to the OCA along with a statement of information.
3) Require the OCA to forward to the federal agency all levies and information collected on behalf of the agency.
4) Decrease the current OCA licence fee from $2.25 to $2.00 per head of cattle sold.
5) Provide that licence fees are not payable to the OCA where a levy is paid to the federal agency under the Farm Products Agencies Act (Canada) in respect of the same transaction.
6) Provide an exemption from the payment of licence fees for cattle that are sold within seven business days of purchase by a livestock dealer, and require the dealer to forward to the OCA information to verify that the cattle were resold within seven days of purchase.
7) Revoke Section 8(1)(d) to remove the exemption for the payment of licence fees for cattle sold through public auction by an owner on his/her premises.
8) Clarify in the regulation that all persons who buy cattle, including producers, must remit OCA licence fees by the 15th day of the month following the month of the transaction.
9) Amend the regulation to include the class of cattle e.g. (cow, steer, heifer, bull, calf) as part of the information that must be forwarded to the OCA along with the remittance of licence fees and federal levies, as well as requiring the name, address, postal code and telephone number of the person who deducts and remits the fees and levies.
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April 30, 2007
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May 30, 2007
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Gloria Marco Borys
Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission
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