Solutions to enable small-volume vehicle manufacturing in Ontario

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Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O, 1990
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The regulation of motor vehicle standards is a federal role and standards for new motor vehicles sold in Canada are set by Transport Canada. Manufacturers who sell vehicles for on-road use in the Canadian market are responsible for certifying that their vehicles meet all federal standards set out in the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS). Ontario is responsible for maintaining on-road regulations to ensure the safety of all vehicles and road users on Ontario roadways.

Some manufacturers seeking to produce and sell small volumes of vehicles for the Ontario market experience barriers to doing so. They have difficulties in complying with the manufacturing requirements set out by Transport Canada. These standards require manufacturers to meet many requirements including physically crash testing their vehicles. For manufacturers considering the introduction of new vehicle models in limited volumes, this is very costly and burdensome.

From a provincial perspective, Ontario ensures these federal standards are met by requiring that every new vehicle sold in Ontario complies with CMVSS standards in accordance with Section 105 of the Highway Traffic Act (HTA).

MTO is proposing to introduce an Ontario's Motor Vehicle Safety Requirements (OMVSR) Pilot for Low-Volume Vehicle Production. The OMVSR would be introduced as a 12-year voluntary regulatory pilot to encourage the design, testing and manufacture of vehicles, and will apply to vehicle models produced in low volumes in Ontario only. It is important to note that OMVSR mirrors the CMVSS except for the physical destructive crash testing requirements which would be replaced with virtual crash testing.

We invite you to assist the Ministry of Transportation's analysis by submitting comments on this proposal for the ministry's consideration.

An information notice of this proposal has also been posted on the Environmental Registry at the following link: [insert URL when created]

Regulatory Impact Analysis indicates that this option may reduce compliance costs on the automotive sector by approximately $13.59M over 12 years, though this number is uncertain.
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December 16, 2019
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January 13, 2020
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Ministry of Transportation
Road Safety Policy Office
Safety Policy and Education Branch
87 Sir William Hearst Avenue
Building "A", Room 212
Toronto, Ontario
M3M 0B4