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The Ministry of Energy made technical amendments to O. Reg. 24/19 ("the regulation") to change the amount of rate protection for a specific qualifying investment as a result of a scope change and reduction in project costs. Updated information was received by one of the proponents in December 2022 that one of the projects, Hamilton Airport Regional Expansion Project, will now be less than originally estimated and as a result, requires a lower program funding amount.
Effective Date:  March 10, 2023

Pharmacy Reconciliation Adjustment Extension

The Ministry of Health is proposing amendments to Ontario Regulation 201/96 under the Ontario Drug Benefits Act (ODBA), to advance a short-term extension of the reconciliation adjustment to pharmacy payments under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program, for a time-limited basis to ensure the continued financial sustainability of the Program and cooperation on necessary sector innovations and improvements are advanced, including initiatives that consider the challenges of rural and independent pharmacies.
Effective Date:  March 31, 2023

Ontario Combative Sport Advisory Council

Regulation that would set out details related to the Ontario Combative Sport Advisory Council, which would be established if portions of the Combative Sports Act, 2019 are proclaimed into force.
Effective Date:  March 6, 2023

Proposed changes to the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs Act and Innkeepers Act to exempt cattle in the Feeder Cattle Loan Guarantee Program from the custom feeding provisions in the Innkeepers Act.

OMAFRA is proposing is to amend the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs Act (MAFRAA) and the Innkeepers Act to exempt feeder cattle enrolled under the Feeder Cattle Loan Guarantee Program (FCLGP) from Section 3 of the Innkeepers Act that allows custom feeders to place a lien on cattle and sell them in the event of non-payment. If approved the amendment would allow a program change to the FCLGP to allow for custom feeding. Feeder cattle co-operatives (Co-ops) may have more feeding and herd management options allowing them to expand their operations and increase their resilience in times of reduced feed availability.
Effective Date:  March 22, 2023

Proposed amendments to the Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Act, to remove the prohibition on carbon sequestration  (source: Environmental Registry)

We are proposing to amend the Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Act to remove the prohibition on carbon sequestration (i.e., the permanent storage of carbon dioxide in deep underground geologic formations). If approved, these changes would represent a first step towards enabling geologic carbon storage in the province.
Effective Date:  March 22, 2023

Proposed amendments to the Animal Health Act, 2009 to enhance animal health preparedness and to make additional updates to the legislation  (source: Environmental Registry)

Amendments are proposed to the Animal Health Act, 2009 to expressly enable a temporary response order when necessary. The proposed amendments also include enhanced consistency in the use of inspection authorities; updates related to the Legislation Act, 2006; and greater flexibility on the appropriate method for publication of notice of an animal health control area order.
Effective Date:  March 22, 2023

Accelerating Broadband Deployment with Electricity System Assets

The Government is committed to expediting the delivery of broadband projects to ensure every household and business in Ontario has access to high-speed internet. The Ministry of Energy is proposing to further strengthen its regulatory framework to help ensure that electricity system assets can be used to achieve this goal.
Effective Date:  March 28, 2023