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Renewable Energy Approval Requirements for Off-shore Wind Facilities – An Overview of the Proposed Approach  (source: Environmental Registry)

The Ontario government is proposing an approach to the off-shore wind development and is seeking input from interested members of the public, early in the process, to inform the work that will be completed to finalize the approach and the off-shore wind specific requirements under the REA regulation.
Comments Due Date:  August 24, 2010

Open for Business Act, 2010, Schedule 7 (Modernization of Approvals)  (source: Environmental Registry)

On May 17, 2010, Bill 68, the proposed Open for Business Act, 2010, was introduced and received first reading. The Ministry of the Environment, through Schedule 7 (Modernization of Approvals) of the proposed Open for Business Act, 2010, is proposing a system to modernize Ontario’s environmental approvals process.
Comments Due Date:  August 23, 2010

Description of proposed regulations under the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010 and Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998

Pursuant to the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure is recommending new draft regulations. These draft regulations would further protect Ontario consumers who choose to purchase their energy from electricity and natural gas retailers/marketers, and enable individual suite metering in multi-unit buildings to promote energy conservation.
Comments Due Date:  August 15, 2010