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Regulation Amendment to O.Reg 383/00 - Registration Regulation

Consequential amendments required to the registration regulation resulting from the Ontario Labour Mobility Act, 2009 and the Good Government Act, 2009.
Comments Due Date:  April 26, 2010

Legislative Framework for Modernizing Environmental Approvals  (source: Environmental Registry)

The proposed framework for a modernized Certificate of Approvals process for Ontario will improve the Ministry’s work in protecting environmental and human health and increase the efficient and effective use of Ministry resources to provide better service to businesses and better transparency to the public.
Comments Due Date:  April 16, 2010

Lake Simcoe Shoreline Protection Discussion Paper  (source: Environmental Registry)

The Lake Simcoe Protection Plan recognizes that healthy and natural shoreline areas provide a variety of functions, including control of run-off and associated nutrients, stabilizing shorelines from erosion, and conserving habitats for a high number of aquatic and terrestrial species.
Comments Due Date:  April 3, 2010

Lake Simcoe's Proposed Phosphorus Reduction Strategy and Amendments to the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan  (source: Environmental Registry)

Under the Lake Simcoe Protection Act, 2008 and the resulting Lake Simcoe Protection Plan, the Ontario government and its partners have developed a proposed Phosphorus Reduction Strategy. Amendments to the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan are also being proposed at this time.
Comments Due Date:  April 3, 2010