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Bill 100 - Proposed Supporting Ontario's Trails Act, 2015  (source: Environmental Registry)

In fall 2013, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport led consultations with the public, stakeholders and Aboriginal groups on ways to strengthen the Ontario Trails Strategy. Through this process, legislative needs were identified.
Comments Due Date:  June 27, 2015

Amendment to The Walkerton Clean Water Centre Regulation (O. Reg. 304/04).

The Walkerton Clean Water Centre Regulation (O. Reg. 304/04) currently allows for board members to be appointed for a term not exceeding two years as determined by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. The proposed amendment would extend the term from two years to three years allowing for better succession planning and more stability as well as bring The Walkerton Clean Water Centre's board terms in line with most other Ontario board governed agencies.
Comments Due Date:  June 25, 2015

Draft Proposed Amendments to Funding Rules: Contribution holidays / Actuarial gains / Benefit improvements

This posting outlines the intended content of the regulations that are required to strengthen the funding rules for contribution holidays and benefit improvements.
Comments Due Date:  June 12, 2015

A pilot project to evaluate on-road use of three-wheeled vehicles

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is soliciting public comment to inform the development of a pilot project to allow compliant three-wheeled vehicles on-road. The pilot is intended to assess these vehicles over a specified period of time in order to examine their ability to safely integrate with other vehicle types, determine whether existing rules of the road are adequate, and the appropriateness of some unique operating and licensing requirements.
Comments Due Date:  June 8, 2015

Proposed Criteria for Exempting New Broader Public Sector (BPS) Multi-Employer JSPPs from Solvency Funding Requirements

Outlines and seeks comment on proposed criteria for obtaining exemptions from solvency funding for new, broader-public sector multi-employer jointly-sponsored pension plans.
Comments Due Date:  June 1, 2015