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Modernization of the Film Classification Act, 2005.
Proposed Amendments to the Film Classification Act, 2005 and its regulation.
Comments Due Date:  October 28, 2019
Education Development Charges and Notice by School Boards Prior to Acquiring Land: Proposed Regulations
Proposed changes to Ontario Regulation 20/98 (Education Development Charges - General) and a proposed new regulation related to notices by school boards prior to acquiring or expropriating land.
Comments Due Date:  October 7, 2019
Enabling New Models of Care for Select 9-1-1 Patients
MOHLTC is proposing amendments to Ontario Regulation 257/00 under the Ambulance Act and Regulation 552 under the Health Insurance Act to enable new models of care for select 9-1-1 patients other than transport to the emergency department. Amendments will include LGIC regulations that will allow ambulance services to provide patients with alternatives to care other than transport to the emergency department, and Minister regulations that set out fees for different types of ambulance services.
Comments Due Date:  October 6, 2019