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Proposed amendments to Direct Selling Rules and Enforcement Rules under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002

This consultation proposal is seeking input on amendments that would reduce burden and barriers for businesses that provide products and services when the consumer has initiated contact; level the playing field by increasing consumer protection to deter non-compliant businesses in the sector; and strengthen enforcement powers to target businesses that cause the most harm to consumers.
Comments Due Date:  July 29, 2019

A proposal to amend various regulations under the Mining Act  (source: Environmental Registry)

The Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines (the ministry) is proposing to amend regulations to ensure compliance with the most recent safety guidelines for dams, reduce possible burdens to clients when managing mining claims on the Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS), and to provide more flexibility in managing mining lands. The ministry is also proposing to revoke a regulation which is longer relevant.
Comments Due Date:  July 25, 2019

Proposed Regulation to be made under the Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Act, 2019

The purpose of the proposed regulation is to prescribe the notice (i.e., Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Sticker) to be obtained by gasoline retailers in Ontario and affixed to each retail gasoline pump. The stickers would be provided free of charge and sent by mail to retail outlets. Additional stickers would also be obtainable through a government website.
Comments Due Date:  July 9, 2019