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Amendments to Regulations 719 and 720 under the Liquor Licence Act to Extend Hours of Alcohol Sale and Service for the "By the Glass" Licence and to Extend Offsite Warehousing for Wine Sale at Farmers' Markets.

The amendment to Regulation 719 (Licences to Sell Liquor) under the Liquor Licence Act (LLA) extends the permissible hours of alcohol sale and service for all holders of a "By the Glass" licence. The amendment to Regulation 720 (Manufacturers' Licences) under the LLA allows wineries authorized to sell at farmers' markets to physically leave the site of their winery, sell their wine at farmers' markets and return unsold product to their on-site retail store within a 72-hour period.
Effective Date:  October 4, 2019

Reg. 258/98 under the Courts of Justice Act (Rules of the Small Claims Court).

Various amendments to Regulation 258/98 (Rules of the Small Claims Court) relating to garnishment court forms filed in the Small Claims Court
Effective Date:  October 23, 2019