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Amendments to Highway Traffic Act (HTA) Regulations to remove paper-based barriers for the commercial vehicle industry.

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is proposing to amend several HTA regulations to make government work better for the people and businesses of Ontario in the digital era. In order to enable digital products and services for the commercial vehicle safety and oversight, legislative changes were made to the HTA. These regulatory amendments are required to support the legislative amendments which will allow the ministry to communicate with the clients via electronic and digital methods.
Comments Due Date:  December 30, 2020

Adding the Cities of Kingston and Windsor to Ontario Regulation 277/99, Red Light Camera System Evidence

Amendment to Ontario Regulation 277/99 to designate the Cities of Kingston and Windsor as municipalities authorized to establish a Red Light Camera Enforcement program
Comments Due Date:  December 23, 2020

Golf Carts on Pelee Island

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is soliciting public comment to inform the development of a regulatory and policy framework regarding the on-road use of golf carts on Pelee Island.
Comments Due Date:  December 21, 2020

Power-Assisted Bicycle (E-bike) and Cargo E-bike Pilot Program Proposals

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is soliciting public comment regarding the reassessment and update of the regulatory and policy framework surrounding Power-Assisted Bicycles (e-bikes), as well as feedback on the development of a Cargo E- Bike Pilot Program.
Comments Due Date:  December 19, 2020

General Regulation under the Supporting Local Restaurants Act, 2020

A new regulation to support the implementation of the Supporting Local Restaurants Act, 2020.
Comments Due Date:  December 6, 2020

Amendment of O. Reg. 657/05

Amending the exemption from seizure values in O.Reg. 657/05 to account for inflation.
Comments Due Date:  December 4, 2020