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Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services: Public Consultation on proposed amendments to the Fire Code for inspection and testing of fire department pumper connections for standpipe and hose systems

The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services is seeking public input on proposed changes to the Ontario Fire Code related to the checking, inspection, and testing of standpipe systems.
Comments Due Date:  November 30, 2017

Regulatory amendments to O. Reg. 196/17 (Invoicing Requirements) made under the Ontario Fair Hydro Plan Act, 2017 (OFHP) and regulatory amendments to O. Reg. 275/04 (Information on Invoices to Certain Classes of Consumers of Electricity) made under the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998 (OEBA)

ENERGY is proposing to amend existing regulations that prescribe what Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) and Unit Sub-Meter Providers (USMPs) must include in their invoices to customers. Highlights of the amendments include requirements to provide dynamic messaging with respect to savings associated with the Fair Hydro Plan, key information on the front page of the bill, and a simplified glossary of terms.
Comments Due Date:  November 27, 2017

Proposed amendments to O. Reg. 16/08 made under the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998 (OEBA).

ENERGY is proposing to amend an existing regulation to require unit sub-meter providers to pay an allocation of cost assessments with respect to expenses incurred and expenditures made by the Ontario Energy Board in the exercise of its powers.
Comments Due Date:  November 24, 2017

Proposed amendments to Ontario Regulation 429/04 (Adjustments under Section 25.33 of the Act) under the Electricity Act, 1998.

The Ministry of Energy proposes to define energy storage facilities within the regulation and amend the application of Global Adjustment for Class B energy storage facilities.
Comments Due Date:  November 24, 2017

Proposed amendments to regulations under the Highway Traffic Act related to Oversize Overweight Permit fees

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) is proposing amendments to a regulation under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) to introduce new types of Oversize/Overweight Permits and to set the applicable fees
Comments Due Date:  November 23, 2017

Ontario Offset Credits regulation under the Climate Change Mitigation and Low-carbon Economy Act, 2016  (source: Environmental Registry)

The Ministry is proposing a regulation that would enable the creation of offset credits for use in Ontario's cap and trade program.
Comments Due Date:  November 18, 2017

Amendments to the Cap and Trade Program and Reporting Regulations & Service Regulation & Administrative Penalties Regulation  (source: Environmental Registry)

Ontario has previously indicated its intent to link its program with the program of California and Quebec. Ontario is now putting forward a proposal to make a number of amendments to the existing cap and trade program regulations to provide for linking, set 2021-2030 caps and other amendments aimed at improving fair and equitable treatment amongst program participants. This includes administrative amendments to improve data reliability and program efficiency.
Comments Due Date:  November 6, 2017

Proposed Amendments to Ontario's Upholstered and Stuffed Articles Regulation

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is seeking input on changes that would modernize the Upholstered and Stuffed regulation (Ontario Regulation 218/01) under the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000. The changes are intended to maintain public safety while reducing unnecessary burden on business.
Comments Due Date:  November 2, 2017