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Water Conservation Charges Proposal  (source: Environmental Registry)

The Ministry of the Environment is proposing a new charge designed to recover some of the costs of provincial water management programs. The purpose of this posting is to consult on the details of the proposed charge.
Effective Date:  August 10, 2007

Proposal to amend Ontario Regulation 419/05: Air Pollution - Local Air Quality under the Environmental Protection Act.  (source: Environmental Registry)

MOE is proposing to amend O.Reg 419/05 to introduce new or updated standards for 15 substances. In addition, other amendments are also proposed that include: an update of the regional meteorological data and regulatory models; provisions for opacity; the consideration of receptors when assessing odour-based standards; and other administrative amendments.
Effective Date:  August 31, 2007

Draft regulations and guidance documents for the implementation of Environmental Penalties in response to spills and other violations.

The purpose of this proposal is to solicit feedback on draft regulations and supporting guidance documents for implementing Environmental Penalties (EPs), Spill Prevention and Contingency Plans, Spill Notification and a new proposed Ministry of the Environment Compliance Policy.
Effective Date:  August 1, 2007

Proposed Approach for the Implementation of Odour-Based Standards and Guidelines  (source: Environmental Registry)

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has identified the need to develop and/or update air quality standards for priority contaminants. The Ministry's Standards Plan (PA9E0004) (released in October, 1996 and revised November, 1999), identified candidate substances for the development of air standards. Priorities were identified based on a number of considerations including toxicity, the potential for exposure and the quantity of air emissions in Ontario.
Effective Date:  August 31, 2007