Approved Regulatory Proposals

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Amendments to O. Reg 746/21 (Licensing) under the Liquor Licence and Control Act, 2019 - Approval of Outdoor Temporary Extensions

Ontario has made amendments to O. Reg 746/21 under the Liquor Licence and Control Act, 2019 (LLCA) to grant municipalities and First Nations band councils, where applicable, authority to approve outdoor temporary extensions of Liquor Sales Licences (LSL). This authority could be used, for example, to allow an LSL to temporarily create a new outdoor patio or expand an existing outdoor patio.
Effective Date:  January 1, 2023

Proposed Regulatory Amendments to Ontario Regulation 202/94 (General) made under the Pharmacy Act, 1991

The Ontario College of Pharmacists is proposing regulatory amendments to allow pharmacists to prescribe drugs to treat certain minor ailments.
Effective Date:  January 1, 2023

Towing and Storage Safety and Enforcement Act (TSSEA) Regulations

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is proposing regulations to support the implementation of the TSSEA. We are looking for your input on the proposed regulations before the TSSEA comes into effect. If approved, the proposed requirements would be rolled out in three phases beginning January 1, 2023 and be fully implemented by January 2024. The Act is designed to provide provincial oversight of the towing and vehicle storage sectors. TSSEA requires tow truck drivers and tow and storage operators to hold a provincial certificate to operate.
Effective Date:  January 1, 2023

Hazardous Waste Digital Reporting Service Modernization  (source: Environmental Registry)

As the last step towards transitioning hazardous waste digital reporting services to the Authority, we are now seeking your feedback on the proposed regulatory changes.
Effective Date:  January 1, 2023

Hazardous Waste Fee Exemption Framework  (source: Environmental Registry)

We are proposing to draft a new regulation under RRCEA that would: 1) Maintain the current fee exemptions for certain hazardous waste management activities by moving them from Regulation 347 to a new regulation to be made under the RRCEA 2) Move over and adjust other related sections within Regulation 347 in order to update and clarify language
Effective Date:  January 1, 2023